"A six-minute short film made within the parameters of storytelling without dialogue and synced sound."
When brainstorming ideas, I immediately thought of the awkward times that I have been on the receiving end of  show offs at the gym. I knew I wanted to make a comedy, and I decided to adapt the racewalker character from a feature treatment into this short film.
A runner is interrupted by a racewalker who goes to great lengths to one-up him during his workout. The competition escalates till the runner is baited to a 'Tortoise and the Hair-like' race around the track.
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After talking with Mitch Storey, we decided on a few key techniques. Smash zooms were used to increase comedic effect.  Gimbal shots were keys ways to capture and track movement without the use of extensive dolly track or vehicles.
The beginning training montage of the runner is a nod to Nike sports marketing ad motion and edit style.  Headphones, water chug, and all.
Eric Charbonneau, the actor playing the racewalker, is a personal friend, who excels at physical comedy and improv on set.  We worked with our shooting schedule to make sure we could maintain fair room for outlandish ideas.
Behind The Scenes